Are your Jeans making you Boring ?!

Wake up. Brush teeth. Pull on your jeans. If that’s your daily routine, you might be stuck in a denim rut and not even know it. The fashion world has started moving on, which means you’ll have to bust out of your skinny jean comfort zone eventually.

It looks like trends for trousers are steering towards wider legs, but that doesn’t mean all us have to ditch our beloved skinny jeans, straight-legged pants, and leggings. It just means we have more choices. Today’s blog is all about the latest trend of Pallazo & Culottes honey !


Shruti’s Look :

All inspired by the wide legged pants or call it as named Culottes. These are totally in trend though Shruti personally don’t believe in wearing something just because its in Trend but these coz she do not by any chance have to compromise with her Comfort & Personal Style , they are just slaying it right & are super comfy at same time.


Sanskruti’s Look :

The pallazo trend is going on from quite sometime now, not only on Kurtis but can be matched up with your basic Tee’s making it look all different instead pairing it up with the mainstream Denim’s ! You can make yourself look taller (and thinner) by wearing longer lengths over platform (or high heel) shoes. Try it says Sanskruti. PS- Sanskruti in brogues as she is all lazy to walk in those Heels you knoe !!


Of course, there will be arguments both in favor and against this trend of Cullotes/ Pallazo vs Denims but we love it ! Do you?

Outfit Details :

Shruti : Culottes- uptownie101. ,  Top & Clutch- Lokhandwala Market , Bellies- paaduks.

Sanskruti : Pallazo Pants- uptownie101., Top- myntra., Brogues- Bandra Hill Road(Laa Judi Shop)

Pictures by – Shreyas Ingole  shreyas006 

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