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So this is something I wanted to do for years now, but did not get one before as I wasn’t really sure what tattoo I should get done. I wanted something to which I could connect with which would actually speak out my personality without saying much. And finally I could make a decision on what I wanted & it was so spontaneous once I decided on it.

Now that I have got done with my 2 Tatoos I just cant stop falling in love with them & off course it holds a lot of meaning to me.

The process of getting a tattoo is a fabulous one. Choosing what you want, working with the artist, sitting through the pain while sharing a totally incredible bonding experience with the artist who is responsible for your permanent art, and, finally, getting to adore the finished product. It’s addicting. I got my tattoo from insanetattoos. Artist Amritraj who is also the Owner of insanetattoos did both the Tattoos for me & considering these were my first Tattoos ever I was a little nervous about it too though I did all the possible research about it. Amrit worked out a lovely design for me after I gave him all the ideas of what I actually wanted out of my Tattoo, I guess its so important to get a great Tattoo Artist to do your Tattoo ,I feel what counts the most in this is Experience of Tattoo Artist & second is Hygiene & I guess I got the best of both. Lucky Me 😉

Now let me just disclose What I got done?! & What it Means to me?!

First Tattoo

Meaning: ” Kutumbh” means Family , this is written in Marathi Font as “कुटुंब”& is a very simple but a Tattoo very close to my Heart. For my undoubtedly & whole heartedly love for Contemporary aesthetics & Traditional Sensibilities we designed this tattoo with Jewel of Maharashtra “A Nath”. I could not be more happier when I saw the outcome!!4289459c-1abe-4665-b209-f6c4f47d81e5IMG_5308

Second Tattoo

This is a smaller one compared to my first tattoo, these are 3 Glyph , a glyph is an elemental symbol within an agreed set of symbols, intended to represent a readable character for the purposes of writing. My 3 Glyphs mean “Learn, Explore,Create” as I am someone who believes in this Energy & who is constantly in a verge to Learn & Explore New things. Glad how it turned out to be & is so meaningful!


Picture Courtesy- Shreyas Ingole shreyas006 

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