What I Wore for My Trip to Goa !

Omg !! This was my first ever “Goa Trip” I know you are a little psyched about this but that’s the fact ! My mum & dad took me to Goa when I was about 3-4 years old & I have no memories at all of this place hence for me this was my “First ever trip to Goa” . After this I can definitely say “I love Goa, I love the Vibe of this Place” From the hip and happening beaches of North Goa effortlessly strewn alongside the Western coastline to the peace of the South, Goa is for anyone seeking some much-needed respite. It might be the nation’s smallest state, but without a shred of doubt, it is the most sought-after destination for the perfect beach holiday & with bunch of crazy friends its even more happening. <3

Coming to What I Wore ! #WIW

Before I went out to shop for my Goa Trip (which I barely got sometime) I talked out to myself that “It needs to be different from my usual picks & it needs to go with vibes that Goa has without me wearing something in which I am not quite comfortable” putting all these 3 points right in my mind I hopped onto my “Goa Shopping” , I also made a list of things I need to get in terms of clothing & accessories so that I don’t end up buying what is not required & neither I should miss what I require, also I wrote down my Day wise looks in my notepad – right from Outfit to accessory to my shoe 😉 I know that’s a little too much but please don’t judge me on this I am a little too specific about what I need to wear & how I need to style it so this trick came easy for me & I might do this for all my trips in future duh !!

Without any wait let me put up pictures of #WIW to Goa & also few pictures of me & my Bingo (Mayur- If you don’t know him already he’s my Hubby) 😉 & My Mad Gang !

Day 1 #ootdIMG_6217ce229e1c-afec-414a-b76d-1ac302e295e4

Day 2 #ootdfad8ef40-883a-4919-ae30-dde5f69768f6692a9fdd-e95a-48e9-8891-122345700268b700f0cf-11dd-4062-b854-9b70dbb5bbee

Day 3 #ootdIMG_6469IMG_6366IMG_20181001_171006

We were in Goa only for 3 days , though I only have pictures of outfits I wore on beach at Day time , I dont really have decent pictures of Outfits I wore all 3 nights.

Outfit Details:

Both the Denim shorts – Bangkok Market

Playsuit worn on 1st day- faballey

Top & Accessories worn on 2nd & 3rd day – Thrift buy from Bandra Hill Rd

Fanny Pack –Its from Westside Store (Colaba)


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